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10 Reasons why YOU should choose Nikao Studios as your preferred radio advertising agency?

10 Reasons why YOU should choose Nikao Studios as your preferred radio advertising agency?

Nikao Studios Radio Advertising is a reputable and recognised advertising agency in the industry for the past 10 years. As an agency, Nikao Studios Radio Advertising earns commission from the radio...

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Some considerations for effective radio advertising.

Some considerations for effective radio advertising.

Some considerations for effective radio advertising. One of the biggest concerns when considering radio advertising is will it work and how much can I expect to spend? These concerns are...

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Nikao Studios is a Gauteng-based radio and television ad agency.

Nikao Studios is an advertising agency specialising in media planning across marketing platforms which includes radio advertising, TV advertising, digital advertising e.g. News 24 and Howzit MSN, shortcode SMS numbers and theproduction of radio and television advertisements. Nikao Studios also produces corporate as well as training videos.  The studio is conveniently situated in the East of Pretoria with a clientele base spreading over most of Gauteng, Although based here in Gauteng, Nikao Studios is in no way restricted to a specific radio or television station or area.

Nikao Studios main objective is to provide a one stop solution to our clients (corporates, advertising agencies, smaller businesses as well as the individual) specific needs striving for excellence in service and results. Nikao Studios focuses on quality and perfection through years of experience in the field of advertising.

On the topic of media planning (which includes television, radio, and digital advertisements), Nikao Studios established a prestige portfolio that comprises of well-known national companies. Some of the biggest names in the corporate and mining environment have made use of Nikao Studios expertise.

Digital advertising is nothing new in South Africa and Nikao Studios regocnised the fact that mediums such as the internet are becoming all the more relavent in our lives. Therefore Nikao Studios offer digital advertising on its own or as a combined marketing strategy to our clients with our main focus on two of South Africa’s biggest online sites e.g. News 24 and Howzit MSN.

Nikao Studios also acts as an agent for “NGN In Touch” the biggest fax to mail company in South Africa who also developed a very unique and useful short code sms system. Nikao Studios provide free Fax to Mail numbers and the short code sms numbers provide a good monitoring solution and data collectingtool for any marketing campaigns for our clients.

Nikao Studios is client-driven and do not represent a specific radio or television station, we therefore take pride in becoming part of a bigger team. We do this by analysing our client’s marketing and advertising needs objectively, and to give sound advice and guidance on crucial matters like budget and demographic factors. Nikao Studios has a sound relationship with all major TV and Radio broadcasters in South Africa.

At Nikao Studios, we take pride in our work and usually form long term relationships with clients as we get to know more about their business and communication needs.

We understand how important results are to clients and therefore we make it our goal to get those results. W. Botha (Managing Director, Nikao Studios South Africa)

Because Nikao Studios is results-driven we will do everything in our power to produce the perfect end result even when a client comes up with a request not on our list of services, we will bent backwards to produce that perfect production.

Let Nikao Studios inspire the imagination of your next campaign or video production.

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